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StaffPulse E21

What is the StaffPulse E21?

We understand that health center staff are busy and often don't have the time to complete a long, comprehensive employee survey. It can also be a challenge for HR staff in health centers to review large amounts of survey data each year before implemeting effective actions plans. That's why we developed the E21 "Essential 21 Topics" version of StaffPulse.

The E21 survey is a much shorter version of the full StaffPulse survey which focuses only on the top drivers of job satisfaction within health centers in the U.S. It takes only 5 minutes for staff members to complete and provides you with a succinct summary of how your health center is performing on these most important topics.

How were the E21 questions chosen?

We've been collecting StaffPulse data since 2009 and have analyzed responses from over 30,000 health center employees in that 10 years. Using this data we have performed detailed statistical analyses to determine which topics are most highly correlated with job satisfaction among health center staff. These topics then became the basis for the E21 survey, along with a few other key questions we feel are equally important to measure. The end result is a short but extremely focused survey which can be completed by staff in much less time while still providing clear direction and valuable insights to HR and management.

How does it work?

It's very simple process. You provide us with a list of your staff, we set up and distribute the survey by email. It typically runs for 2 weeks, and then we will produce your reports within 3 days after the survey is closed. The reports include an overall summary with comparisons to the national health center benchmarks, a "heatmap" report that compares group scores within your health center to the total, and a staff comments report that focuses specifically on areas that can be improved.

How do I find out more?

Contact Lynn Gore at lgore@insightlink.com or call her at 1-866-802-8095 x705

Annual subscription rates are variable pricing based on the size of your health center with discounts available for bundling both tools together in one subscription.

Compare your scores to other health centers. Surveys in both StaffPulse and ExitPulse are fully benchmarked against national data collected continuously since 2004.

Easy to Use
Both survey systems have been designed for ease-of-use. Insightlink provides full support to make using the tools as simple as possible while providing the most value.
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